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Auger Truck Request Quote

Auger Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 2

Roustabout Truck Request Quote

Roustabout Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 2

Welding Truck Request Quote

Welding Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 7

BobTail Truck Request Quote

BobTail Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 2

Backhoe Request Quote

Vehicle-QTY: 4

Forklift Request Quote

Vehicle-QTY: 10

Grader/Maintainer Request Quote

Vehicle-QTY: 1

Roller/Compacter Request Quote

Vehicle-QTY: 2

Dump Truck Request Quote

Dump Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 3

Belly Dump Truck Request Quote

Belly Dump Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 2

Haul Truck Request Quote

Haul Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 2

Heavy Haul Truck Request Quote

Heavy Haul Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 3

Vacuum Truck Request Quote

Vacuum Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 5

Pump Truck Request Quote

Pump Truck
Vehicle-QTY: 1

Low-boy Trailer Request Quote

Low-boy Trailer
Vehicle-QTY: 2

Extra Services: Backhoe Jackhammer, 20" Beveling Machine, 32' Flatbed Trailer,
40' Flatbed Trailer, 20' Flatbed Trailer, Low-Boy Trailer, and Roustabout

Weld it, Built it, Truck it!
President: Wayne Johnson 432-557-0494
Office: Robin 432-943-7499

Transport & Acid: Kevin Crawford 432-894-5658
Welders: Derek Johnson 432-770-9996

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